The Aquitaine/Dordogne Region

"The Dordogne is for many people the picture-perfect image of the French countryside, a gentle landscape of patchwork fields, hilltop towns, turreted mansions and jade-green woods. The Dordogne is famous for its stunning cave paintings as well as for its many fortified chateaux and bastide towns, reminders of the bloody battles waged her during the Middle Ages and the hundred years war"

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Cenac/Domme is well positioned for exploring the chief sights of the Dordogne valley, with its amazing castles, stunning gardens and breathtaking views all within a 5 mile drive. This beautiful town is at the top of the hill from our picturesque village house.

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"On the edge of a cliff, Domme offers a vast panorama over the Dordogne valley. Enclosed by walls, this bastide village founded by Philip the Bold in 1283, tells of its glorious past through its fortified gates and towers, where Knights Templar were once imprisoned. The visitor will also discover the consuls' and the goldsmiths' houses, the old covered market and the governor's hotel. Domme offers the green luxury of its suspended gardens above the Dordogne valley.

“Domme is a dream. It is a perfect little town, beautiful at first sight, even more beautiful when being visited and explored. Anyone would wax lyrical about it and for beauty it beggars description. It stands like a jewel in golden stone, on a tall hill, overlooking a switchback, winding road that heaves itself up through a just wide enough gateway and into the outer square of the town.” (Neal Lands “History, People and places in the Dordogne”).

The village of Cenac has two bakeries a butcher, cave (wine bar), fresh fruit and veggie shop and a supermarket, two taverns, a TABAC, chemist, doctor, hairdresser, laundry mat and butcher shop . So a quick stroll every morning will get you your fresh croissants and baguettes, meat, fruit and veg and treats for the day.

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